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Atlas Objectives

To promote the teaching of tourism, leisure and other related subjects.

To encourage the exchange of staff and students between member institutions.

To promote linkage between professional studies in tourism, leisure and associated subjects and to liaise on educational issues, curriculum development and professional recognition of courses.

To promote transnational research which helps to underpin the development of appropriate curricula for tourism and leisure education.

Consequently, ATLAS promotes linkages between member institutions through regular meetings and/or conferences, research and information exchange. At least one international conference for all ATLAS members is held each year, together with the Annual General Meeting.

Other Atlas Chapters

With the goal of reaching out to different corners of the globe, in September 1997 at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, ATLAS-ASIA Chapter was initiated. Whereas, during the ATLAS AGM of 1998 in Crete, Greece, ATLAS AFRICA was also accepted for registration. The two chapters are affiliates of the main ATLAS organization, and they focus particularly on the need of the institutions in Asia and Africa respectively. INFORMATION.

For more information about ATLAS-AFRICA and the conference, contact

Department of tourism,
Moi University,
P. O. BOX 1125,
Eldoret, Kenya.
Phone: +254 (0321) 63133.

EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR TOURISM AND LEISURE EDUCATION Conference on Strategizing the Development of Culture Tourism in Africa in the New Millennium.



The umbrella organization known as ATLAS-AFRICA CONFERENCE Currently, the continental office of ATLAS-AFRICA is based at the Department of Tourism, Moi university Eldoret, Kenya. The African Chapter is Currently in the process of recruiting new members from all over the Continent. We are pleased to say that the initial requires concerning membership registration have been quite encouraging.


As part of it’s activities, currently ATLAS-AFRICA is in the process of organizing the official launching conference of the African chapter which will be held in the Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa from the 3rd of December to the 7th of December 2000.

The conference will bring together scholars in Tourism and leisure studies and other related areas from all over the world. Further, resource persons and practitioners in the Tourism and leisure industry in Africa will also be invited to attend the conference. Thus it will be a good meeting point between academicians and practitioners in the Tourism industry from different parts of the world.


Strategizing for the Development of culture Tourism in Africa in the new millennium. Africa is an emerging tourist region which has great potential for accelerated tourism growth in the new millennium. However, currently despite immense and diverse potential, the development of tourism in most countries in Africa, particularly in Eastern and Southern Africa is narrowly conceived on development of limited tourism product which is based on wildlife and beach tourism. Consequently, the rich and diverse indigenous African cultures with Africa’s multiplicity of ethnic material and non-material culture has not been appropriately developed for tourism.

For long term sustainable tourism development in African countries, there is need to diversify the range of tourism products, particularly by incorporating elements of the rich and diverse indigenous African cultures in the development of tourism. This will expand the range of tourism market segments and thus, will enhance prospects of increasing tourism product demand. In addition the development of culture based tourism has great potential of promoting intra and inter-country travel within and among African countries.

Furthermore, the development of authentic culture based tourism products may help in demystifying the existing negative image and stereotypes of Africa as a “dark continent.” Thus, the main aim of the conference is to help in identifying existing impediments in the development of culture based tourism in Africa and search for innovative and creative strategies for the development, promotion and marketing of culture-based tourism in Africa in new millennium.