National Parks

Some of you that know Uganda Just know it as the Pearl of Africa but can’t single out the top safari destinations in the country. The beauty of the country sometimes make you fail to choose a particular destination of interest but the time and money guide your interest to the right places at a right time. For those planning to explore Uganda’s top safari destinations, here is a list gathered for those looking at 3-7 days safaris in Uganda.

Uganda protects its wildlife within 10 national parks.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The only mountain gorilla home that protects the highest number of gorillas that live in the world. Bwindi Forest alone makes it worth visiting Uganda and Africa as a continent. The large well conserved jungle forest showcase nature at its best. The park also presents the best gorilla trekking safari experience in Uganda and is one of the most visited year round by all kinds of visitors. And if trekking gorillas once isn’t enough, you can go for the second trek and still enjoy the presence of the rare primates. Watching gorillas is incredible but trekking then impact lives.

Kidepo Valley National Park
Kidepo Valley is actually the most popular wildlife destination with all you need for a memorable wildlife safari tour. The big five, ostriches, birds and the unique culture of the Karamojong is all you find .Kidepo Valley has always been called the most beautiful wildlife park surrounded by endless plains and exotic animals. The best time to visit the park in year round provided it’s convenient for your life shedules.Find this wonderful parks in Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Accessibility is by both road and air depending on the visitor’s preference.

Mgahinga National Park
Mgahinga has always been one of the top tourist’s attractions in Africa and a second mountain gorilla park in Uganda that is found in the Virunga massif region. The park offers incredible mountain gorilla safari experience, volcano hikes and golden monkey trekking. Mgahinga treks are incredible and hiking to the top of the volcanoes grants you the opportunity to view variety of the three mountain gorilla countries-Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Mgahinga is the only place to track gorillas, golden monkeys and hike the volcanoes in the same protected area. Besides, the park also has a rich cultural heritage of the forest people-Batwa.

Murchison Falls National Park
A world reputable wildlife park and a home to the most fascinating fall on the Nile in Africa and a great place to view wildlife and primates. Murchison falls is one of the largest wildlife parks in Africa famous for nature and impressive wildlife. Those looking for the big five, primates and nature, this is your perfect place to be. Enjoy the most fascinating beauty of the falls, crocodiles, hippos and wildlife during the park launch cruise and take dramatic scenes of water battles and exciting game.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Thanks to its location close to various tourists’ attractions, Kalinzu forest reserve, Kibale forest and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth is one of Uganda top safari destinations known for exceptional wildlife viewing, boat ride, bird watching and chimpanzee trekking. For those looking to see attractive wildlife, track chimpanzees and experiencing the life on the Kazinga channel a place that joins two lakes Edward and George. Though Queen Elizabeth has famed to the world due to tree climbing lions, the wildlife park has much more attractive wildlife to offer including the elephants, bush bucks,kobs, topis, buffaloes, leopards etc.