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Discover the best top things to do in Uganda, the land of a thousand hills.

Uganda Birds

“…. a profusion of brilliant life” … birds, butterflies and wildlife, Uganda has it all.

For ornithologists, botanists, lepidopterists, or just simple lovers of nature, Uganda has such a wealth of attractions that each visit will yield new discoveries.

Because of the wide range of habitats, from alphine crags to wetlands that attract migratory and as well as indigenous birds, Uganda is blessed with a profusion of birdlife. Some 463 species have been recorded, and more are being identified each year. The Great Rift Valley is one of the world’s most important migratory routes, the majority of seasonal visitors having joined the valley from Europe, attracted by the warmer climates and plentiful food supplies. The wetlands around Uganda’s lakes, including Lake George wetlands (protected under the Ramsar Convention) and the Rift Valley swamps, are the place to watch shore and waterbirds. The highlands and alpine regions provide opportunities to observe magnificent eagles and other raptors in their natural surrounding. The forests are home to a profusion of woodland birds and clouds of colourful butterflies, while on the broad grasslands vultures compete with tiny sunbirds for the birdwatcher’s attention( during bird watching tours and safareis).