National Parks

Kenya, often described as the “land of contrasts” and “all of Africa in one country”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Almost the whole country is scenic. It has almost every known land form from glacial ice to arid desert, mountain masiffs to rich savannahs, lakes and dense forests.

Message from Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service Tour Planner covers all of Kenya’s parks and reserves.Those of you who operate here, or specialise in African travel, will be familiar with many of these locations. However, we hope that some of the information, particularly about the lesser known areas, will be of interest.

The Kenya Wildlife Service’s role is as diverse as the areas in which we operate. Our Wildlife conservation programmes are well documented and increasingly successful in terms of saving endangered and threatened species and important habitats.

Our Anti-poaching Unit, second to none, is well-equipped, trained and experienced. As well as safeguarding the parks and reserves, our goal is to re-open and protect traditional migration corridors which have been used for centuries by the wildlife in East Africa.

In Nairobi National Park, we have the single largest breeding population of indigenous black rhino, (more than 60), with another population of 60 in the Aberdare Ranges.

Rare and fascinating species abound here in Kenya. They include the high altitude bongo, the rare forest antelope to giant sea turtles and the unique dugong, the origin of mermaid legend.

Equally important is the Kenya Wildlife Community Service. We work closely with the people who live alongside the wildlife, balancing socio-economic and cultural needs with the preservation of wildlife and habitat.

We have expanded our role in supporting the needs of the travel industry, which brings visitors to our gates. “Eco” and “Recreation” tourism is a growth sector of the industry and Kenya has more to offer than just the “Big Five”. Walking, riding, camping, birdwatching, mountain and rock-climbing are all available and accessible set against breathtaking and diverse landscapes.

We aim to support your marketing and sales plans by listening to your comments and suggestions, offering you new ideas to tempt your clients as well as researching and updating facilities and attractions to encourage wider use of the parks and reserves.

This guide has been produced by the K.W.S Tourism Department as first of customer service to the travel trade. We welcome your views and suggestions.


We hold in trust, for now & tomorrow, the responsibility for protection & conservation of Kenya’s extraordinary natural wealth, as represented by its fauna, flora & natural beauty. The Kenya Wildlife service will manage these resources, which are of inestimable economic, socio-cultural, aesthetic and scientific value.

To fulfill this mission, Kenya Wildlife Service will develop the required human resources, achieve financial self-sufficiency & encourage the support & participation of the people of Kenya

Lots of Things to See in Kenya

Kenya ‘s natural attractions are hard to place in order of merit. Her appeal lies in their unique combination and well developed tourism infrastructure. The country, recognised as the “craddle of humankind” (as a result of the famous Rift Valley digs by the Leakeys), has a hospitable people who form a collection of one of the most diverse and colourful ethnic groups in Africa.

The country’s wildlife sanctuaries are among the largest, best stocked and most accessible in the world. The numerous national parks and game reserves occupy an area the size of Switzerland, about eight per cent of Kenya’s total land area. (The difference between a park and a reserve is technical and has to do with the title to the land. Game can be as plentiful in a reserve as in a park.) None of Kenya’s parks or reserves is a replica of another. They vary in abundance and variety of game, in scenery, in climate and in altitude. There are four marine national parks and five marine national reserves.

Other attractions include Mt. Kenya, coral reefs, palm-fringed white sand beaches and historical and archeological centres which rival Zanzibar (along the 480 km tract of Indian Ocean Coast), and generally beautiful scenery in the rest of the country, including an air of adventure in the arid northern region.

Kenya is an all-year destination. The country, the International Travel Agents voted the best destination in Africa, is every holiday-maker’s dream destination.

Listing of National Parks

Kenya is a wonderful place to enjoy an African safari.

Where to Go

  • Nairobi National Park
  • Hells Gate National Park
  • Mount Longonot National Park
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Lakes Bogoria National Park
  • Lakes Kamnarok National Park
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Aberdare Ranges National Park
  • Mount Kenya National Park
  • Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
  • Mwea National Reserve

Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya

Home to the highest wildlife concentration in Africa and great migration, Masai Mara game reserve is your place to be for awesome wildlife safari tours in Africa. It’s beyond doubt that travelers to the park get a chance to view variety of wildlife and the annual migration makes it more unique compared to other wildlife parks in the region. For a while now Masai Mara National Park attracts thousands from all walks of life including celebrities, photographers, writers, bloggers , journalists to mention but a few. Stop just watching wildlife Tv channels but experience it in reality in Masai Mara the best place to see the big cats and predators.

Amboseli National Park Kenya

The most known Kenya national park for wildlife and impressive views of Moutain Kilimanjaro. Visitors to the park enjoy endless views of Kilimajaro Mountain as well as the park attractive wildlife. Viewing a fleet of wildlife moving together with a back drop of the mountain Kilimanjaro an exotic moment you can never forget about your safari in Kenya. This is one of the few places in Africa where you can enjoy wildlife with great mountain views at the same time.

Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya

Think about Lake Nakuru National park when you opt to go overseas for excellent bird watching safaris in Africa. The park is compact but attracts tourists across the globe discover its unique beauty. Lake Nakuru shallow soda lake offers the needed break for birdlife as you watch the beautiful white pelicans, pink flamingos and the stunning greenery of the lake. The park can be explored year round though it’s very fantastic during the low season travel months.

Tvaso West National Park

The Two National parks, Tsavo west and East join together to form the largest wildlife conservation area in Kenya. Tsavo has the most charming wilderness that features the Big five , view point for Hippos and rich cultural history. A trip to Tsavo feels different and unique giving you amazing photo captions that impress friends and family that weren’t on safari.Tsavo is also known for breathtaking views and would recommend visits from May to October every year.