Congo Nile Trail

The 227 Km long trail that crosses 5 districts of the Western Province is a new addition to the existing destinations that were currently suggested to tourists in Rwanda so far.
The Congo Nile Trail, crossing Rubavu, Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyamasheke and Rusizi all in the Western Province, can be enjoyed through hiking, biking, 4×4 driving, wildlife and sightseeing at the culminant point of 2630 m altitude. The trail offers also the possibility to camp in more than 8 base camps, 3 additional sub trails namely Pfunda, Gisovu and Shangi.
The Congo-Nile Trail is actually a tangled network of trails and roads that run from Gisenyi at the north end of Lake Kivu 227 kilometers south to the town of Cyangugu at the southern end of the lake.
landscape between these two familiar points is made up of unending rolling hills and innumerable towns and villages, offering cyclists and trekkers a glimpse of Rwandan rural life rarely experienced by the city dwellers that make up most of Rwanda’s expat community.
Bird lovers will also enjoy a wonderful diversity of fowl found along the way, including white tailed blue flycatchers, black headed herons and White-breasted cormorants.
There are several options for enjoying the Congo-Nile Trail. Walking, motorcycling and cycling are all options, but you won’t get very far walking up the hills, and you can’t adequately appreciate the scenery if you’re zooming by on a motorcycle.
On a bike you have a plenty of touring options. You can keep to the wide roads, challenge yourself on the more technically demanding narrow footpaths that snake through the hills and villages, or a mix of both.
Rwanda is a small country in the heart of Africa, with many naturally beautiful attractions, some of which are: the almost extinct mountain Gorillas that live in Volcanoes National Park in the North of the country, the Nyungwe National park, a biodiversity paradise in the south and the Congo Nile Trail, linking corridor crossing the Congo Nile divide and connecting the two national treasures.
The Congo Nile Trail is an exciting ten day hiking experience, which covers a wide range of fascinating attractions on Lake Kivu shores, with a distance of 227 Kilometers stretching from Rubavu to Rusizi via Karongi and Nyamasheke districts.
The trail offers among other attractions the best coffee and tea experiences, with sceneries beautiful beyond imagination
The Congo Nile trail includes eight amazing base camps, two extra ordinary paths and four bonus diverse sub trails, which are all, added value that make up this breath taking hiking experience a life time one.
The 10 days hiking trail can be also covered in 5 days cycling and 3 days 4×4 Driving.