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Thinking of taking a safari in Africa?  Want to discover the best African safari companies? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best safari companies that operate in Eastern Africa. We help you find the best African safari companies & safari deals for you.

Learn what to ask to avoid costly mistakes when buying African safaris in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Victoria Falls & more.

Our goal here is to tell you some of the questions we ask about an adventure or safari before we go on one.

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Why this guide?

We know that there are lots of safari websites offering deals that look good. And there are many travel agents that sell safaris that only been on one or two safaris or have not been on any! So here are the guidelines we use. We’ve been on a lot of safaris and want to let you in on what we have discovered. I hope this site helps you decide on the best African adventures or safaris for you.

  • 1. If it is a private reserve, what is the size of the transversing rights?This is an important question that can help you determine how long you should stay at a particular lodge. Transversing rights means the area that the lodge’s vehicles are allowed to drive on. Some lodges have very small transversing rights so even if you see a lion, if it is in within the lodge’s transversing rights you can’t drive over to see it.If the lodge does not have good transversing rights or a large concession of its own then you may not want to stay there or stay there more than a night or so.
  • 2. How do the rangers handle special interests birders for example?Some lodges have specialist guides, so if you have a particular interest birders, cats, wild dogs for example, you need to know if there are guides that share that interest or have that expertise.
  • 3. Will you be able to go on walks with rangers at no additional charge or in addition to the game drives? Though you may not realize it now, having the option of going on a bush walk with an armed guard is an enriching experience. Check to make sure that is included or available.
  • 4. Are beverages included in the rate?This can help you compare rates between seemingly equivalent lodges. Some rates include beverages others don’t.

Finding The Best African Safaris Companies & Safaris – Other Questions We’d Ask

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