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After having been on more than 80 African adventure safaris, we have had few experiences as memorable as an Africa hiking safari.

And this is even more true when we have hiked in

Kruger, Mt. Kenya, Mana Pools or one of Africa’s other world famous national parks. You get stunningly close to rhinos, elephants, giraffes and even lions as you walk in these wilderness areas. And if you follow the rules and the directions of your ranger, it is safe.

Let me tell you, your perspective of wildlife is permanently changed after one of these experiences. You will never forget how large, beautiful and awe inspiring any of these animals are as you see them face to face.

And I might add, it is a totally different experience than viewing the animals either from a 4×4 or a canoe.

(Though I must say that seeing animals from a canoe, especially on the Zambezi, is another incomparably wonderful experience!)

As thrilling as it is, we have found our Africa hiking safaris quite safe. We’ve done them all with our young daughter (starting when she was only 8 years old). And they have been safe because we have always done them with armed rangers. Indeed you must do these Africa hiking safaris with a trained and armed guide (or two).

All of us always learn an amazing amount about both the animals and the ecology every time we take one of these family adventure vacations.

Our Top African Hiking Safaris

Below are some of the top mountain and coastal hikes and walks. South Africa offers a wonderful variety of habitats for hiking mountains, plains, game parks, coasts on two oceans the Indian and the Atlantic. Thus you have a great selection of Africa hiking safaris in one country.

Top 5 Coastal Africa Hiking Safaris In South Africa

The Wild Coast  Eastern Cape
Stunning scenery, opportunities to swim and snorkel in amazing rock pools and hike among lovely dunes, forests and countryside. Plus you stay in beautifully situated huts.

This is the way to enjoy the Transkei the area of South Africa that encompasses the Wild Coast.

The most accessible section is the five day hike from Port St Johns to Coffee Bay. The trail is tough with steep climbs over headlands and long beach sections.

You can do easier ones. My daughter and I did a similar hike when she was nine. She loved it and so did I. The added bonus was that we camped out in local African huts and got real insights into rural, traditional African tribal culture and life.

Cape of Good Hope Trail Western Cape just outside Cape Town
In my view, this is the only way to truly immerse yourself in the splendors of this fynbos paradise. Fynbos is a heather like type of flora, and you are in the midst of the world’s sixth and smallest floral kingdom. The scenery of ocean, wildlife and mountains will be permanently etched in your mind and soul.

Set off from the very tip of the Africa and negotiate the slopes, plateaus and bluffs between the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Kosi Bay – KwaZulu Natal
Kosi Bay is South Africa’s most delicate coastal ecosystem. The Kosi estuarine system, , is traversed by this walk which winds through pristine stretches of rare sand forest and past ancient fishing kraals. You are exposed to African tribal culture as you interact with local Tonga people who still fish in the traditional way using reed mazes to trap fish.

Indulge your senses! Delight in the warm, blue waters of the Indian Ocean as you hike but keep an eye out for Zambezi sharks in the estuary mouths.

Alexandria Eastern Cape
Beach and bush walking at its best along a two-day circular trail set on the magnificent Sunshine Coast.

Otter Trail Western Cape
This stunning five-day hike along the Tsitsikamma coast is one of South Africa’s magnificent trails. You experience the world famous Garden Route first hand. A life changing experience!

If you get a chance to go, leap on it. Availability is always tight.

Top Africa Hiking Safaris In South Africa’s Mountains

Mont-aux-Sources to Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal
This strenuous guided or self-guided 60 km trail encompasses all that the Drakensberg has to offer. You pass some of the most spectacular scenery including the Amphitheatre, the Mnweni needles and the dramatic Cathedral range. Guess what? You overnight in caves.

Amatola Hiking Trail – Eastern Cape
The Amatola range is set in a Tolkienesque world of deep-forest trails, ancient trees and tranquil glades along a six-day hike showcasing a truly magical region. This was actually the setting for Tolkien’s works!

Die Hel (Gamkaskloof) – Western Cape
This fairly demanding five-day walk (or any of a variety of other configurations) kicks off from Ou Tol and covers an average of ten kilometers per day through arduous mountain territory. Any reference to hell (Die Hel) is not accidental: summer is mega-hot, while snow is not uncommon during winter.

Wolkberg Wilderness Area – Limpopo Province
This is a beautiful but rugged wilderness into which only well-prepared, experienced hikers should venture. The sense of solitude, the abundance of water in the gorges and the dramatic steep quartzite krantzes and buttresses are the main attractions, but the area also has beautiful indigenous forests.

Even more intrepid adventurers can explore the Serala plateau but this requires both a high level of fitness and rock-scrambling experience.

Zuurberg Doringkloof Trail – Eastern Cape
Recently incorporated into the Addo Elephant National Park, the circular Doringkloof Day Hike in the Zuurberg Mountains negotiates dense Afromontane forest, succulent thickets and fynbos plateaus along an easy 11 km route.

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