Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park, in the southwest of Uganda, is the only park which encompasses its own lake. Its rolling hills and open grassy valleys are a haven for herds of impala, klipspringer, eland and buffalo, as well as the agile Rock Hyrax or the more elusive topi. Much of the vegetation consists of acacia woodland, grasslands and important wetlands. From the higher hilltops the wide panorama of the park reveals the variety of natural habitats of the indigenous wildlife.

Predators are rarely seen in the park, although well camouflaged leopards are sometimes detected. For birdwatchers there is a wide variety of water and dry land species, including the natina trogon, the rare Shoebill Stork and the Abyssinia Ground Hornbill.

The local community works closely with the park authorities, and their famed long-horned Ankole cattle can often be seen grazing with zebra and impala.

Activities in the Park

As well as traditional game drives, visitors can arrange a walking safari within the park to gain a more personal experience of Uganda’s wildlife. The park also offers a self-guided nature trail and an Interpretation Centre. Visitors may also enjoy a boat ride on Lake Mburo in a Ssese canoe, either powered by an outboard engine or paddled. The Ankole Cultural Centre is close to the Sanga Gate.


At the park headquarters in Rwonyo there are six bandas, three double, two single and one family unit. Bedding is not provided, but camp staff will cook meals. In addition the park has three camp sites. Kachira Bush Camp, a luxury tented camp is available, and a lodge is under construction. Hotel facilities are available in Mbarara.

How to Reach the Park

The park is located off the main Kampala-Mbarara tarmac road. The turn-off to Nshara Gate is 219 km (3 hrs.) from Kampala on the left, 13 km from Lyantonde. The drive from the road to the park headquarters is 24 km. There is a second turn-off to the Sanga Trading Centre. Four-Wheel Drive vehicles are essential during the rainy season.

VISITORS – Entrance Fees in US $ per 24 Hour Visit
Adult Child
Foreign Non-resident 9.52 2.86
Foreign Resident 9.52 2.86
Citizen Resident 1.90 0.48
MOTOR VEHICLES – Entrance Fees in US $ per visit
Ugandan Foreign
Motorcycle 1.90 7.62
Motor Car or Pickup 4.76 19.05
Bus or Lorry 11.43 45.71
CAMPING FEES – in US $ per person, per night
Foreign Non-resident 14.29
Foreign Resident 9.52
Citizen Resident 4.76
ACCOMMODATION (BANDAS) in US $ per person per night
Institute Hostel
Foreign Non-resident 6.67
Citizen Resident 1.90
RANGER GUIDE Fees in US $ per half day
Foreign or Non- resident 6.67
Citizen Resident 1.90
BOAT HIRE (for two hours) in US $
With Engine 28.57
Paddle 9.52
CAMPING FEES in US $ per person, per night
Foreign Non-resident 9.52
Foreign Resident 4.76
Citizen Resident 1.90
PHOTOGRAPHIC FEES in US $ for commercial filming
Where the size of the filming party is:
1-5 persons 190.48
6-20 persons 476.19
Over 20 persons 952.38

These figures do not include Entrance Fees For fuller dtails, please contact:

The Warden in Charge,
Lake Mburo National Park,
P. O. Box 880, Mbarara, Uganda.