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Uganda is proud to share part of its land with the world’s largest range of primates, from the tiny galagos or bushbabies to the rare, and endangered mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei). In many parts of the country, and on any day, visitors can enjoy a forest trek to view families of primates on gorilla safaris, chimpanzee tracking or primates nature tours. Something rarely available elsewhere in Africa, it is one of Uganda’s greatest tourist attractions; the opportunity to see the mountain gorillas on a Uganda safari is an experience that you will not easily find elsewhere in Africa.

Primates Safaris

Chimpanzees abound in many regions and several national parks have facilities for guided nature walks to meet them in their natural habitat. In Murchison Falls National Park, Semliki, Kibale and Bwindi, families of chimpanzees (as well many colobus and other monkeys) can be encountered. Many conservation programmes ensure their protection, and all local tour operators can include primate trekking in their itineraries. The Isinga Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Isinga Island in Lake Edward is particularly exciting.

Only around 600 of the magnificent mountain gorillas are said to exist in the wild, although intense conservation programmes have succeeded in arresting their decline. About 300 are said to live in the Virunga Conservation Area which is made up of linked national parks, including Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwanda’s Park National des Volcans, and the Parc National des Virunga in Zaire. Here, in the Virunga Mountains, in the southwestern corner of Uganda, there are integrated conservation programmes.

Some 45 of these gorillas live in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, although all of the groups have home ranges that extend into all the three countries.

The rest of the mountain gorilla population lives in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, about 25 km north of Mgahinga, where further international conservation programmes have been instituted.

Deep in the forests, the primates live in family groups that are very protective of their home ranges. Each group usually consists of a dominant male, with several females and their young, and some non-adult males. To watch them in their natural habitat is certainly one of the most inspiring experiences available to the serious safari-goer and tour adventure seekers.

Limited gorilla tracking tour is available daily (in Mgahinga only when the gorillas are in the park), but no guarantee of gorilla sightings is given. Numbers of visitors are restricted to eight, with only one group in each park a day. Advance safari and tour booking is, therefore, essential. In Bwindi there are two groups of habituated gorillas: Mubare (24 animals) and Katengegyere (16 animals). To protect the gorillas from human diseases no children under 15 or sick people (even with just a cold), may go trekking or tracking.

In Mgahinga National Park, be prepared for a 13-km walk or by 4WD vehicle from Kisoro and then strenuous walking and scrambling through thick undergrowth. A good physical condition is vital . In Bwindi conditions are slightly easier, but it is still a strenuous experience. To prevent behavioural disturbances, strict rules are explained to the group by the ranger in charge of the gorilla tracking/trekking expedition.

Strong walking safari shoes are essential, together with light waterproof long trousers to protect the legs.

Uganda Safari and Gorilla tour offers

3 Day Gorilla Trek safari
This Gorilla safari takes to Bwindi Gorilla park

3 Day Queen Elizabeth Tour
The three day tour allows you to see wildlife and chimpanzee tracking in kyambura gorge.

7 Day Uganda and Rwanda Safari

The safari includes gorilla trekking in both bwindi and parc de volcanoes and wildlife safaris in Uganda parks.

12 Day Best of Uganda and rwanda

Track the endangered mountain gorillas on a gorilla trek in uganda and rwanda combined with wildlife safaris thta takes you to the best tour spots in these two countries.

25 Day Combined east africa tour

The east africa tour takes you for gorilla safari and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, wildlife safaris in Kenya,Tanzania and Rwanda as well as other thrilling adventures. This is the most for memorable vacation offering the best East African safari experience!

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