Rental Car Luggage Capacity – Hire a Car In Uganda That Suits Your Holiday Needs

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Choosing the right car for your trip to Uganda can be challenging. Before you settle on the rental car to use for your road trip, bear in mind the quantity of luggage you plan to move with. The rental car you book should be in a position to accommodate the luggage you will be traveling with.

First, endeavor to cross-check the car hire checklist to ensure that the rental car you have chosen has all the correct information before embarking on a road trip. It can be frustrating to set off for a trip and your luggage has no room to be put. The size of the car boot matters a lot for you to pack all your items ready for an actual road trip.

You can easily avoid unnecessary inconvenience trying to fit your entire luggage or look for another car from another company with a slightly bigger space. Luggage capacity should be put into consideration whenever you are in search of a rental car to use for a road trip in Uganda or anywhere else in East Africa. Useful factors to consider;


While on a search for a vehicle to use for a road trip, your budget counts a lot. The best deals on a budget come with budget and this should guide you on which car to reserve for your vacation. The bigger the vehicle, the higher the price and so your budget. If your budget doesn’t favor then go by the compact size and consider reducing the luggage load. There are compact-sized cars with incredible boat sizes, especially Toyota Rav4 rental. Note, that rental cars can be categorized into small family cars, economy, small MPV, estate, large MPV, large family, people carriers, Jeep, executive, and more.


If you plan to navigate around Kampala city or Entebbe town, then there is no need to hire a bigger car. With smaller vehicles, it is easier to navigate around narrow streets within the streets or as you head to the National Parks. Larger vehicles are often preferable for remote travel as they come with bigger engines thus saving you from multiple stopovers to refuel it and good for off-the-beaten paths.

People and luggage

Choose the car considering the number of people you will be traveling with. A group of 4-5 pax doesn’t require you to hire a coaster bus; instead, you can hire a 4×4 Toyota Rav4. Coaster buses often take about 28pax making them most preferred for large group travel in Uganda.


If you plan to go on a family tour, then you may require a child seat. This means you should secure a child seat early before the actual date of traveling. This is because car rental Uganda companies may not guarantee their availability. When choosing the rental car, ensure that you book one that has provisions for such features. This is common with bigger cars and rarely available in small vehicles.

Different sizes of rental cars

Economy –this comes with a capacity of 2 to 5 seats and accommodates up to 2 medium size suitcases. It is an ideal rental car option for shorter trips or even navigating around the parks.

Small family –if you are on a budget tour or interested in shorter road trips, then our small family rides are worth booking. This comes with a capacity of 5 seats and a 3x medium-size suitcase.

Executive –If you want to experience something unusual, then take up our executive rides. These come with a capacity of 5 seats and a luggage capacity of 4 medium size suitcases.

Minivans –ideal for larger group travel and available with a capacity of 7-9pax, and luggage size of 4-5 bags or 3 small bags.