What to explore on a self-drive in Uganda


Also named the Pearl of African, further call it Africa condensed, and others say gifted by nature. All these descriptions underline how beautiful Uganda is. When planning a self-drive in Uganda, there are varieties of traveler’s tastes for selection as far as adventure is concerned.

The descriptions stature Uganda hosts many of unique features that has made the country famous. And when looked through some of these features have put this beautiful country a position of interest on the International display of adventures. The features dwells in the beauty in 10 national parks which offer varying experiences, cultural communities, landscapes among others.

First and foremost, today self-drive in Uganda is turning to lead in traveling mode as many travelers are opting to have their rental and guide themselves when driving around. Expectations on a self-drive in Uganda these include; gorillas, chimpanzees, big five and wildlife, mountains and volcanoes, hospitable people and their exciting cultures, golden monkeys, and many more.

On a self-drive to explore these amazing features, you just need to have that strong and ready cruiser which won’t compromise with any destiny. There are variety of fleets to feed this requirement, all these are 4×4 cruisers that are customized for adventures.

Things and destinations you expect to explore on a self-drive in Uganda

Kidepo valley National Park

CNN in 2017, named Kidepo national park as the remotest African park. UWA brands this park as the true African wilderness, and indeed Kidepo may deserve all these brandings. This is a special park for travelers who are adventurous and interested in longer drivers. The Park has since 2015 featured in the world travel awards, has highly received recommendations citing it as one of the best parks to be in Africa.

The park is located in the northeastern regions which subsequently called the Karamoja region. Kidepo has a perfect wild displays that no any other park can offer, it’s a wider landscape that stretched through with golden savannah dotted with scattered acacia trees. This endless landscape hosts herds, towers, prides, and many animals which are sighted from every angle.

A self-drive to this remote region where sometimes you get disconnected to the rest of the world, connect to the rich wonders of the world. To seat behind the wheels, you need just a safari customized vehicle with a high ground clearance to encounter the beauty that dwells within Kidepo Valley National Park.

The park is divided into 2 sections; the Narus Valley which states right from the Park headqauters at Apoka. This valleys hosts the highest population of animals in Kidepo valley national park. And the other valley is Kidepo valley, this stretches some meters far, and very creative as far as exploring Kidepo is concerned.

Things to do a self-drive to Kidepo Valley National Park include; game drive to watch variety of animals which might include; prides of lions, ostrich, several bird species, herds of elephants, buffalos, several antelopes among so many other species. Cultural tours visiting communities and amanyata, mountain hiking, nature walks etc.

Best vehicles for a self-drive to Kidepo Valley National Park are 4X4 land cruiser TX, V8, Safari land cruiser. These are all safari vehicles with high ground clearance which enables them to cruise unlimitedly throughout the region.

Gorilla Habituation

Rarely recommended as an independent adventure undertaking but one of the famous and pride of Uganda’s adventures. Gorilla habituation is more than just trekking the mountain gorillas, but rather spend with the gorilla more hours or even a full day. Gorilla habituation is a process of making gorillas familiar to human presence. This activity starts as a follow, from where the wild gorilla family is first seen and it evolve to monitoring the apes.

With you 4×4 rental seated behind the Wheels you will drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Reaching the park, you only enter through Rushaga sector where gorilla habituation is done. This adventures requires trekkers who are fit to follow the apes as the keep wondering the all day. Gorilla habituation starts very early in the morning with a briefing by 6am, then join the team of researchers, and enter into the forest. Gorilla habituation is just a follow up on gorillas, and you have a full day in the forest with the gorillas. The major aim of this adventure to learn how each individual behaves in this newly seen gorilla family.

Securing a permit to engage in gorilla habituation, a permit costs $1500. This over double the normal trekking permit that costs $700. Gorilla habituation one of the lifetime adventure that undertakes courage to take.

Visiting Lake Bunyonyi

One of the special places which mainly perfect for resting and relaxing on the topnotch after exhausting gorilla trekking. Lake Bunyonyi is located in southwestern Uganda in Kabale and Kisoroi districts. The lake also statures as the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, and decorated with various small island. The amazing part of region is famous for the scenic beauty that exhibited through the panoramic terrain of the region. There is no place to relax of your explicated memories than having a time at Lake Bunyonyi.

When visited Lake Bunyonyi, on a self-drive you will take a boat ride to some of the islands which hold to various pasts. Mainly the punishment island which is famous for its past history where many of the girls were left to starve after conceiving when they are not married. The lake is accompanied by melodies of the many little birds where the lake retain its name.

Sport Fishing at Murchison Falls National Park

Have ever tried fishing? If not then while driving through Uganda and visited Murchison Falls National Park, try sport fishing. Sport fishing at Murchison is very amazing like getting yourself into a boat ride to the fishing ground with your fishing gears and scoop out some fish. The fishing is done on the Victoria Nile or even around the delta. Sports fishing at Murchison Falls National Park is about catch and realize. The main catch is tilapia and can have a fish of about 50kg.

So, on a self-drive with your high ground clearance of 4×4 safari vehicle alongside the game drive, boat cruise, nature walks, chimpanzee tracking, hiking the top of the falls and many other activities. Also consider this amazing sport fishing which not done elsewhere in Uganda but only at Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

Visiting the Sipi falls

At the foothills of Mt. Elgon is the Sipi Falls, these thrillers of the east have attracted the attention of many travelers to the region. The hiking moment of these moist falls, through banana and coffee plantations is something amazing. The Sipi falls are divided into three phase and hikers have a chance of exploring all of them. The abseiling moment added into this hikes and photo poses that exhibit a lot of mysteries.

Cross the Border to Rwanda

You can also spice up your adventure by visiting Rwanda as well. A self-drive to Rwanda though needs more precaution on the hefty traffic fines once you violate the traffic rules. But on the bigger side, driving through Kigali visiting the craft shops, museums and genocide memorials is cool. If you have more time you can also plan on visiting their wildlife parks such as Akagera National park. The cooler thing is that you can leave your car rented in Uganda in Kigali and your rental agency picks it there at a very convenient fee.


Uganda is a rich country, there are a lot of things to done. But this time around we have selected these unique features and activities which are exciting. Make a self-drive your next option as you explore the rich biodiversity of Uganda.