Gorilla Safaris

Experience the thrilling gorilla encounters in Africa’s Rain forest. Don’t miss the popular gorilla watching safaris in Africa.

Destinations to Go: Though gorillas are found in 10 countries of Africa, Gorilla Trekking is done in a few destinations. The most popular destinations are Uganda, Rwanda and the  Democratic Republic of Congo. Other less popular destinations are Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Central African Republic, Nigeria

Safari Advice:

Wondering about how to plan a gorilla safari in Africa? Here s what you need to know so that you can get started with planning your next trip.

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Where to Go:

Both Uganda and Rwanda are world renowned for having some of the best national parks for gorilla safaris. There are three most popular national parks contain African rain forests which are the natural habitat for mountain gorillas; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Virunga National Park and the Volcanoes National Park. These are the most reliable places where you can go gorilla tracking.


  • Comparing Gorilla Trekking in Uganda vs Rwanda

Best Places to See Gorillas in Africa

  • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda is another less known destination for gorilla trekking! This is due to that the only habituated gorilla group in the park, keeps on crossing to Rwanda or DR Congo.
  • Kahuzi Biega National Park in Congo is an upcoming destination for gorilla safaris. This less known park is the only place where one can see the eastern lowland gorillas (Grauer’s Gorilla). The park can easily be accessed from Rwanda via the Cyangugu Border.

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

In Uganda there are two national parks protecting the endangered mountain gorillas; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Mgahinga National Park. The country has many other exciting places! There are also forest parks that also have a wonderful variety of other African animals which live in rain forests – animals like Colobus monkeys, forest hogs and beautiful rain forest birds.

And many of these African rain forest parks also have other African wildlife like lion, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and antelope. So this is a stunning combination we look forward to experiencing.

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In the meanwhile, here is a useful guide to Uganda national parks.

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Lake Mburo National Park
  • Kibale Forest National Park
  • Kidepo Valley National Park
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
  • Mount Elgon National Park’
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park
  • Semuliki National Park