Simple Guide for a Self Guided Trip in Uganda

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a self drive safari client opening a 4x4 toyota rav4

Self guided trips in Uganda are an inspirational and exciting way of enjoying a vacation since you get to experience and encounter the motherland’s various attractions independently and wholesomely. The country is gifted with variety of flora and fauna as well as great sceneries. You can as well enjoy your holiday as you drive yourself in your own car. However, for any self drive safari to be successful, one ought to be well prepared so as not to be filled by worries and problems. Below are some guide lines for preparing for a self drive trip in Uganda.

Always write down your emergency contacts down; it’s always a good idea to save your emergency contacts on your phone and have a back up on a written paper in case battery dies. These contacts should be made up of your rental car provider, your family and one in position of helping in case you get stranded or have any emergency issue. Another alternative is to contact the police in case of any serious issue. It’s also good manners to keep your loved ones that you are on a vacation so that they are no worried when your contacts are off. Most of the  Uganda car rental agencies come with recharging pots and there is no need of worrying about low battery.

Remember to carry a first aid kit; hire a vehicle that guarantees you a first aid kit inside. This is because you can never be certain of how the road trip will go. Do not stop at only packing it. But also make sure that its fully stroked with some pain killers, bandages, and the bandaids.  A self drive in Uganda includes visiting different attractions and engaging in different tourist activities and sometimes you might get hurt hence the use of the first aid kit to avoid serious infections.

Always book the car in advance; in order to prepare thoroughly for the trip, it would be great to book the car of your choice a few days or months before your trip. Booking you car early offers you plenty of time to look for an affordable car rental services which can help you save money. You also have enough time to inspect the car before you use it hence getting a peace of mind knowing your means of transport is secured before you even start to travel.

Always carry with you an insect repellent; since you can never know what to expect during the safari, you can then expect insects all round you mostly in low altitudes and swampy areas.  These insects are usually harmless although they can be so uncomfortable. An insect repellent will help with mostly the mosquitoes and move with it always even during day time.

Remember to make use of the guide books, Driver’s guide and the GPS; In case you are not familiar with Uganda’s road networks and the destinations, you should get GPS device that will help you get round. You can as well get a map showing all the different routes so that you don’t get lost. In case you are visiting the national park, it’s advisable that you hire a guide who will help you with the routes.

Have a camera by your side; a self drive trip will give you very magnificent and breathe taking sounds and sights which need you to remember always. These are nice memories and the photos will remind you of your adventures, but will also be gifts of your trip in Uganda.

Have the travel light; Uganda is situated between the tropics and is crossed by the equator and this means it has a tropical climate that can get really hot. This means the prefect clothes for one to wear as they take a self drive safari are the light cotton t shirts and shorts. In case you to go the national parks, have closed shoes with you. Remember to carry sweaters as well.