How to Have an Affordable Uganda Safari Trip


Uganda safaris were impeded because of the outbreak of covid-19 which almost debilitated everything due to its deadly and viral nature. Now, it seems we have defeated covid-19 and normality is gathering moss. The visitor entries at the various national parks and other tourism destinations across Uganda are increasing every day and this shows that travellers are interested in Uganda safari trips again like in the past years before covid-19.

However, the ugly truth is that travellers do not have the funds to have all the luxuries they used to have on the Uganda safari trip, but the desire and urge to travel is unquestionable. Travellers are willing to enjoy the Uganda safaris even if it means comprising their social class, taste and preference. Like they say hard times call for desperate measures, tourists are looking for affordability rather than affluence for as long as they come to explore and enjoy mother nature on the Uganda safari.

We have drafted a few tips on how to have an affordable Uganda safari trip and they are as below:

Book a flight Earlier
Airline operators tend to offer discount rates to travellers who book their flight earlier than 3 months or more. For instance, a flight that could cost 1000$ could be 800$ to an early bird. A discounted flight could be the first step of having an affordable Uganda safari trip.

Engage in less pricy tourism activities
National parks in Uganda have a cluster of activities to participate in while on the Uganda safari. These tourism activities have different rates attached to them. Travellers are advised to select activities that are less costly to have an affordable Uganda safari. For instance, travellers should engage in activities like game drives, nature walks and community tours which are cheaper other than pricy gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and white water rafting.

Rent a car
Instead of travelling with a conventional tour company, hire a car from any reputable rental company. Rental operators provide both self drive car rental Uganda and car hire with driver services. The traveller can choose from any of the two options as they are cheaper than travelling with a tour company.

Make full use of the popular hotel booking sites
Hotel booking sites like trip advisor, kayak, safari booking, booking and Air BnB are the best places to look for an affordable lodge or hotel on the Uganda safari trip. These popular hotel booking sites normally partner with hotel owners to market their accommodation facilities by offering competitive rates to clients. Tourists are advised to book their lodges for the Uganda safari from these platforms as they might get cheaper prices compared to when they book directly from the hoteliers.

Go camping
Visitors on an extreme budget are recommended to go camping instead of staying in a hotel room. Some accommodation establishments around the various national parks have campsites and provide camping tents and gear. Car rental companies also provide camping kitty with an option of either ground camping or rooftop tent camping. Hiring a land cruiser with a rooftop tent in Uganda is one of the most trending safari packages because it is adventurous, cheap and convenient.

Travel in the low season
In the tours and travel industry, there is what they term as “low season”. This is the time when there is a low turn up of tourists at different tourism destinations across the globe. The low season consists of March, April, May and November. In these months, few people take vacation leave from their work hence leading to the low visitor receipts at the various tourism destinations and auxiliary services. In this period, the national parks, hotels and car rental Uganda tend to reduce their rates due to the low demand for their services. Therefore, we advise tourists who are seeking to have an affordable Uganda safari to make a smart move of exploring the pearl of Africa in the low season.

Tourists wishing to enjoy an affordable Uganda safari trip, pick a leaf from the above-explained tips. When you take one or all of them, you will get a difference in the cost of your safari trip.