5 Things To Avoid On A Self Drive Safari In Uganda


Whereas self drive safaris have become the most sought after and exciting adventures for most travelers today, there are crucial things that are worth knowing and need to be avoided if you are to have the most enjoyable experiences during your vacation in Africa. Based on our experience in car hire services, our clients do not regret using our car rentals while on Uganda self drive adventures or even in Rwanda.

We pay maximum attention whether you are interested in guided, self drive tours or you are traveling for corporate conference meeting or any business tour in Uganda or Rwanda. To have the most exciting self drive adventure in life, we have listed some of the top five things that you must pay attention while on Uganda self drive safari.

1.  Do not drive for longer hours;

While self drive tours are very exciting and enjoyable, most visitors tend to plan to drive for longer distances for just a day. On other hand they undertake strenuous safaris that demand them to drive for longer distances.

Well, while this is physically possible to some travelers, to some extent it turns not to be more enjoyable or rather interesting and hence a factor that needs to be avoided while on self drive vacation.

It is advisable that you always have stopovers in bigger towns as this also gives you more knowledge about the area besides relaxing your muscles before embarking for that longer trip.

2. Dealing with non reputable Car Rental Company simply because of its cheapness;

What you may look at as cheap may turn to be a big cost to your life. Try as much as possible to deal with a Car Rental Company with extra standards, reliable and with reputation.

For the most excellent Uganda self drive adventures, the best option for you to rent should be a 4 by 4 wheel drive car especially the Toyota Rav4, Safari Land Cruiser and Toyota Land Cruiser. All these categories are capable of taking you through all kinds of terrain and rugged roads while you are on vacation in Africa.

If you have planned your vacation around the wet season, the 4 by 4 safari cars are the best for you to enjoy the most comfortable and smooth ride in the remotest routes where most of the tourist attractions are located. However, we also offer more car hire for you to choose to make your dreams come true while you are on vacation in Africa.

3. Being more adventurous than you should be or are excited with;

While some routes may have tarmac this shouldn’t excite you more and you forget that most of the remotest areas where moat of Uganda or Rwanda tourist attractions are found are murram roads and given the high gear that you will put on, you will end up being disappointed landing into rugged areas.

Driving on these roads can be tiresome and very challenging compared to those in your home country. In case you have never experienced this while driving, then never become too ambitious.

Make sure you are comfortable while driving in remotest areas during your self drive adventures. Take note that even when you get a break down in a remote area, getting assistance will also be that challenging to find.

There will be need to replace the car at a nearest area but this will also take sometime. At this point, you have to be comfortable driving another new ride. You may also need to have food for yourself plus enough drinking water just in case you get stranded for long.

4. Avoid driving at night;

Our self drive adventures are always planned in that clients reach to their respective destination when it is still at day time.

Driving at night isn’t safe and risky for you. As well, driving at night takes longer time as you will be driving slowly in areas where you are not familiar with.

To make matters worse, finding a hotel sign post along the road also becomes very challenging unless you made a call before then you will be at a safer hand as the hotel management can be in position to direct you if you informed them about the time you expect to arrive.

5. Driving without any guided help or planned route;

For visitors who may prefer more self drive adventures, it means that you have to be also more prepared. Hiring a GPS tracking system for these kinds of safaris becomes the best option though they may not work in certain remotest areas and this also calls for an addition of the road atlas or directions and you need prior knowledge of where you are heading to. We can help you with distances and specific directions plus other travel tips for your vacation.

When in the national parks, please never ever go to close to the animals for example elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and a like.
Other areas that you must keenly pay attention to include; not crowding wildlife or even feeding them, avoid roaming out the car or even over speed at the park.

In conclusion, self drive adventures have today become the most sought after experiences. For the most enjoyable and exciting self drive safari in Uganda or Rwanda or even any part of Africa, take note of the above tips and you won’t regret spending a vacation with one of our classic self drive car hire.