Hiking Mount Karisimbi: Important Things to Know


Mount Karisimbi derives its name from the Kinyarwanda word “amasimbi” that means white shell referring to the white snow capped summit that is usually sighted from June to August. This mountain ranks the 5th tallest in African continent and offers the most breathtaking adventures that take at least 2 days. The hikes usually begin early in the morning and last for six hours. Visitors can as well hike through Mount Bisoke where they will trek through a dense forest which is surrounded by spectacular scenery.
Hiking through this mountain means you have to be in a better body shape with first aid kit and you camp at 3700 meters prior reaching the last summit. You will set up a tent for a night stay and in the following day, you will return to the starting point. At about 4000 meters, you will begin to experience the altitude. Karisimbi Mountain stands at 4506 meters between the border areas with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It features as the tallest mountain of all the volcanoes that make up the Great Virunga Massifs. A hike through this volcano is strenuous but rewards visitors on safari in Rwanda with the most remarkable views of its natural surroundings.
This volcano is also surrounded by other Virunga Mountains like Mikeno which is situated on the northern side and Mount Bisoke on the eastern part, Nyiragongo Mountain on the western part.
Hiking adventures to the mountain summits of Karisimbi for visitors on Rwanda safari lasts for 2 days and the hike begins at 6:00am. The hike comes with other remarkable views of other distinct attractions like birds, primates and many more. If you are interested in hiking through this mountain, you have to be physically well as the trail sometimes can be slippery and muddy making it challenging for unfit hikers. You will need to hire a porter to help you carry your luggage and other equipment as you enjoy your breathtaking adventure with no heavy load.
In conclusion, mount Karisimbi provides the most breathtaking experiences for adventure enthusiasts on safari to Rwanda. This life changing experience can be combined with mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking as well as cultural safaris in Rwanda.