8 Best Uganda Gorilla Tours Starting in Kigali


Flying to Rwanda and tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda is the in-thing for many tourists who cannot manage to pay US$1500 for the hiked gorilla permits. When the Rwanda development Board increased the price of a gorilla permit from US$750 to US$1500, many travelers who initially had plans of tracking gorillas in Rwanda were left with the only option of tracking the gorillas in either Uganda or DR Congo. Others just feel it worth to fly to Rwanda at Kigali international Airport and cross to Uganda for gorilla trekking a scenic short ride that is fare compared to that from Kampala to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga National Park. Despite the change in travel plans, Rwanda and Uganda are two great gorilla trekking safari destinations in Africa. No matter how many times you track gorillas in either Uganda or Rwanda, the experience still remains exceptional.
Top 5 Most Gorilla Tours

  • 2 Days Gorilla Trek in Southern Bwindi
  • 2 Days Mgahinga Gorilla Trek
  • 3 Days Gorilla Trek in Bwindi
  • 3 Days Mgahinga + Golden Monkey Tracking
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas + Lake Bunyonyi
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Mgahinga Golden Monkeys
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas + Queen Elizabeth Wildlife
  • 7 Days Uganda Gorillas, Wildlife + Chimpanzees

See below the things tourists who fly to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda enjoy.
Short Scenic Drive Distance
Initially, tourists interested in tracking gorillas in Uganda used to embark on a 9hour scenic drive from Kampala to either Bwindi forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park the two gorilla safari parks and the drive required a full day of transit and back. Therefore the shortest Uganda gorilla safari tour was the 3 days gorilla trek to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga forest.
But flying to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda changed the gorilla trekking trend of tourists making it more affordable and convenient even to those with limited travel time. You need only 2 days to track gorillas in Uganda once you fly to Rwanda. The safari is very flexible and not fun because from Kigali to Uganda its only and half hours’ drive a short drive distance that is recommended for holiday vacations.
Affordable Gorilla Tours
Tracking gorillas in Uganda is very cheap and affordable compared to that of Rwanda. This is because Rwanda permit price of $1500 is a price of a private gorilla safari tour in Uganda. Don’t miss a chance of trekking gorillas on budget and save big for your upcoming vacations and life necessities. If you looking for budget gorilla safari tours in Africa track gorillas in Uganda than in Rwanda.
Cheap Gorilla Permits
Just like in any gorilla trekking destinations, gorilla permits are gate passes for every tourist on a gorilla safari holiday. Therefore those who fly to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda get a chance to reserve cheap gorilla permits at only $600 dollars per a trek hence making it very friendly for those planning to see gorillas twice in the jungle.
Multicultural Experience
Exploring some bit of Rwanda and Uganda takes you direct to experience multiple cultures and traditions of people living in different parks and communities. of course the culture and traditions of the people is different though they look same in colour .Don’t miss a chance to experience the interesting cultural traditions of both Ugandans and Rwandese on your Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari tour.
Landscape and attractions
When you fly to Rwanda , have a city tour and later cross to Uganda, you will witness that the two countries are totally different in natural beauty and landscape. Rwanda will be filled with rolling hills and hilly landscape and Uganda is slightly different. No wonder it’s also called the Land of Thousand Hills. Be one of the lucky few travelers to Africa to experience the natural beauty and landscape of the two most beautiful countries in Africa.