Cost of a Safari

What is the Price of a Holiday to Africa

The prices of a holiday to Africa are not fixed as different tour and travel companies charge differently and what we are trying to explain here is just a hint or flat way of knowing the cost of an African safari.

What will my African safari cost?

One of the first things a travel planner asks the traveller when placing interesting in African safari is “in what budget should we plan your trip?”
This happens because the travel planner wants to know the maximum amount of cash that you can or willing to spend on your trip.

The expenses of a safari in Africa revolve around transportation, tourism destinations and activities and accommodation and meals. However, there are different kinds of accommodation facilities, transport services, tourism experience and destinations that come with different prices. We all know that apples do not test like pears but all have the same food nutrients, so a tour company will always have the best price and make an effort to offer the maximum experience and value for the traveller’s money.

Note that most price quotation of an African safari excludes international flights and travel insurance expenses.

The prices of an African safari change in accordance to tourism seasons as the prices go high during the peak seasons as the accommodation facilities are flooded by very many tourists and the transportation car hire are scarce so the tour operators charge highly due to the escalating prices of the safari items. It is the opposite when it comes to low seasons the prices get low. The high seasons for African safaris are June-October and December- February and the low seasons are November and march-may. The ball is always on your court to choose the best period to travel.