Travel Insurance

You will obviously fully enjoy your vacation to Africa by securing ‘peace of mind’. It is our pride to introduce to you our trusted partners who are experts in travel insurance for African vacations. Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) is a leading travel insurance company in South Africa that has several years of experience in the business. You can choose from a wide range of high quality travel insurance products relevant to your specific needs whether you are a corporate, leisure or student traveller.

You can get covered by The Heritage Insurance Traveller  of Nairobi, Kenya that will help you enjoy your African vacation with a settled mind. Among their travel insurance products is a 24/7 emergency and medical assistance anywhere on the continent. Your insurance travel coverage will include the following benefits

Buy travel insurance online for best deals:

Travel insurance is essential when you go abroad on holiday. A UK based survey shows that the best deals can often be found by going direct to an insurer rather than buying through travel agents or banks. The survey also had the following recommendations:

  • Shop for travel insurance online to save money.
  • Buy travel insurance directly from the insurer rather than a travel agent to get the best deal.
  • Tell your insurer if you or anyone you’re travelling with has any pre-existing medical conditions before you buy travel insurance.

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Choose cheap travel insurance for South Africa, Western Sahara or Mozambique.

If you are planning an African vacation to Mozambique, Mauritius, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or any other African country, you must secure travel insurance for Africa. Simply select worldwide excluding the USA and you will be covered while exploring this marvellous continent – no matter which country you start with! will provide cheap travel insurance to Africa including the following bonuses for some policies and in specific countries:

  • FREE cover for kids on family policies
  • FREE cover for golf equipment
  • FREE cover for cruises
  • FREE cover for timeshare cancellation
  • FREE cover against terrorist acts
  • FREE cover for business trips.

Once you have settled your travel insurance for Africa, you can relax safe in the knowledge that service will be available to help you should anything go wrong, either through the 24 hour emergency service, or through making a quick and easy resolution via our new online system!