Guide to Cangandala National Park

Cangandala National Park

African travels are ones that are always filled with the most fascinating tour delights. It is indeed a great experience to be part of African travel that gives the ideal travel experiences. So come to Africa and experience the pleasures of being in a South African ambiance.

Amongst the many things that can be seen in southern Africa, Angola is surely not a region to be given a miss. While in Angola, the Cangandala National Park is a locale that is any nature lover’s delight and any wildlife enthusiast’s favorite. So come here to the Cangandala national park and surround yourself with ideal tour attractions. This is one land that is a national park in the province of Malanje. Located between the River Cuije and the Cuanza territory, this is a verdant stretch in the towns of Techongolola and Culamagia. This is the smallest Angolan park which provides great tourist attractions.

History has it that the park was created sometime in the year 1963 and was a great territory that was ruled by the Portuguese. In the year 1970, it was given the status of a national park and Cangandala was then founded to save the Giant Sable Antelope which was discovered sometime in the year 1963.

The total area of the park is around 600 square kilometers and the park has lovely undulating terrain consisting of sand-lime hills and has the best drainage lines which lie low. The entire area gets a rainfall of about 1350 mm each year and the temperature remains pleasant mostly. There is an amalgamation of savanna and mjombo bushveld here in the park and ht open grasslands that are found here are found in the lower-lying areas.

There is a lot of dense undergrowth in the park and the woodland is more structured in this park. The plateau has the mjombo woodlands and the entire habitat is not really suitable for the bird species found here. Still, the park is a place that has a lot of avifauna and provides pleasures to the bird enthusiast. There were around 170 species of birds that have been sighted in the park. There are a lot of breeding records in this period and the main species of Guinea Congo Forest seem to dominate the entire region.

The Cangandala National Park is the smallest in the country of Angola and has a flat topography which is generally a little undulating. The vegetation here is normally woodland and has the julbernardia and the Brachystegia in plenty here. Besides one also finds the burkea, piliostigma, sterculia, monotes, and dombeya here. The forest is seen to occur along the rivers and the streams. There are a lot of thickets and the drainage lines generally seem to dominate the grassland that is a mainstay here in the park. The soil is always waterlogged here and the trees that are found scattered in this forest provide great pleasures to the nature lover. So you get to see the trees like the Uapaca., Annona, Piliostigma, and the Erythrina here.

The park also has the very famous African swamp regions and so do not be surprised to see the wet patches here which are the main lines along which the drainage lines lie.

There are many herbivores that are found in the park and this is a lovely sight to see for all those who wish to see a little bit of wildlife here in the green zones of this region.

Thus this park which was mainly built to save the subspecies Hippotragus Niger variant is today a great patch of green in this part of the world. Initially a game reserve today it has gained a great park status and is also called the Malange National Park sometimes.

Get to see the Guinea Turaco, the finch’s Francolin, the Pale-billed Hornbill, the Anchieta barbet, the Angola Babbler, the red-capped crombec, the sharp-tailed glossy starling, the souiza shrike, the Miombo tit, and the broad-tailed paradise.

The Cangandala National Park thus provides great travel attractions for all those who wish to explore the unseen regions in the world.

Come and enjoy the natural sights at the Cangandala National Park in Angola in Southern Africa.