Wild Pleasures in Caprivi Strip

Wild Caprivi Strip

Caprivi is a beautiful strip in the beautiful continent of Southern Africa and is a narrow projection of Namibia towards the east from the region of Okavango and lies around 450 km between Angola and Zambia and Botswana. Caprivi has Kwando, Okavango, Zambezi, and Chobe rivers bordering it. The strip is today divided between the western Okavango region and the Eastern Caprivi region.

With a lot of mineral resources and rich wildlife, Caprivi has a lot of tour delights and travel attractions. The Namibian government has given permission to access the River Zambezi and thus has a great trade connection with the African Eastern Coast. The levels of the river and the rapids along with the presence of the magnificent Victoria Falls make tours here very memorable. The Caprivi Strip is a major habitat for the wild African dog and thus occupies a major place in the heart of the wildlife lover.

The Caprivi Strip is thus a lovely stretch of highly fertile land with a lot of swamps in between and is a very popular safari destination in travels to Southern Africa. It is in fact a gateway to the safari experiences and provides the best kind of travel kitty to anyone traveling to this part of the world.

Unlike the Namibian desert region, the Caprivi region is filled with sights of green expanses and beautiful ambiance all around. Tourists basically come here to experience the pleasures of the Namibian safari on the banks of the river and thus give the greatest thrill especially in the junction where the River Chobe meets the river Zambezi. It is a very important part often Caprivi strip and safari without visiting Caprivi is unthinkable of.

The months of December to March see the wet season and this is also coupled with high humidity levels. So if you are planning to come here then come here in the months of May to October. Ensure that you have taken all the precautions for malaria and then enjoy the Namibia itinerary and bask in the pleasures of a lovely destination in this part of the world.

Also called the Okavango Strip, the Caprivi Strip was earlier called the Itenge and is a place where you get the best kind of wildlife. Around 70% of the species of birds are found to live here in Namibia and this is what makes the strip extremely popular as a holiday destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Bird watchers come here and experience the pleasures of a better destination. The game moves about very freely here in the unfenced regions of Zambia and Botswana making the strip a very popular safari destination in Southern Africa.

The Caprivi Strip has four reserves. They are the Mahango, the Mamili, the Mudumu, and the bwabwata. The Bwabata was earlier called the West Caprivi Game Park. There are a lot of zebras, elephants, hippos, buffalos, crocodiles, and giraffes found here. These are just a few examples of wildlife here and as you go near the Popa falls you would find some magnificent rapids which are the best places to spot a game. So any safari in Botswana and Zambia is incomplete without a safari experience in Caprivi.

Caprivi is thus one of the most fascinating experiences in tours to Southern Africa and enjoy the thrills here and go back with a contented feeling of having experienced a genuine, authentic safari holiday.