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Discover The Best Low Cost Travel Insurance Deals For Your African Safari & Vacation!

Want low cost travel insurance that still offers excellent coverage? Here is all what you need to know to get started with planning your next safari. Find peace of mind & answers to your questions about how to get the best travel insurance policy (at a great price) for your African safari & vacation. We bring you superb deals from top travel insurance companies.

You need to know this: international travel involves some risk. We might not want to think about it, but you should. Illness, accidents, theft or unforeseen changes to travel arrangements can be insured against. It could save you unnecessary hassles if you take out a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy.

In this guide here is what you should consider in order to secure the best insurance cover for your safari.

What Type Of Insurance You Should Consider

Good low cost travel insurance should not just cover medical and accident. It should also assist you. That assistance can vary from contacting your family in an emergency, to assisting with replacement of travel documents to giving you legal advice.

What About Insurance With Your Credit Card?

Many credit card companies offer a degree of cover for your vacation. However you should check the full details before you travel. In many cases you are insured only if you purchase your international air ticket with the credit card. So what do you do?

Look at a top-up insurance policy to add to the credit card cover. This is available from many companies.

We think a minimum requirement of a low cost travel insurance policy is good medical cover. This will allow for a medical evacuation to a hospital, treatment and repatriation back to your home country. And I think the minimum amount of emergency medical evacuation for an African trip would be around $250,000. Certainly for me $50,000 would be too little.

It is best to buy as soon as you’ve made your final vacation reservations. Since some policies won’t cover pre existing conditions if you wait too long.

You may find that there is a wide variance in price from top travel insurance companies.


The simple answer is that they go after different clients. The cost of travel insurance depends on two general factors:

  • 1. your age
  • 2. the cost of your trip

Final bit of advice: do your homework. You can find a low cost travel insurance policy from a top company that is a lot cheaper than one from another top travel insurance company & offers similar coverage.

Low Cost Travel Insurance If Traveling From The USA, Canada, the UK or Australia

Here is an easy to use tool that let’s you find the best low cost insurance deals. You search & compare comprehensive travel insurance from all the major insurance companies at a glance.

It is the best one I have found, since you can get exactly the insurance you need at the best price!. They (Chris)even will talk you through your choices, tell them I sent you if you call. If they didn’t do a great job, I wouldn’t tell you about them! (And we aren’t alone the Wall Street Journal recommends them too!)

Low Cost Travel Insurance If Traveling From The Rest Of The World

Here are some helpful links that will help you save:

Get an online quote for a medical & trip interruption travel insurance policy from a reputable A – rated company at a good price.

This company also has well priced comprehensive travel insurance.

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