A Safari to discover Kenya’s Nature

Wild Mount Kenya

If you want to discover and admire the beauty of Kenya you should visit its National Museum. It will be a marvelous preview of what you will see if you plan to visit the country’s impressive nature by doing safaris or excursions.

At the museum you can observe a great variety of animals in real size by means of a system that recreates their natural living conditions.
Birds can be studied thoroughly since they are in cages, although there are no references to their wild environment. We also recommend the Paleontology Room and the section “History of Kenya”, which shows an exhibition on the country’s ancient inhabitants.

It would be fabulous if you could visit the Botanical Garden of Nairobi, placed to the outskirts of the capital and with more than 300 plants species. River Road is also attractive. It is a magnificent place where all the cultures of the region are mixed, creating one of the most popular quarters of Kenya.

Although Nairobi is Kenya’s economic, administrative and cultural center there is an exuberant flora and fauna placed in its surroundings, which eagerly waits for your visit. Besides, do not miss the opportunity to see the Bomas of Kenya, which are typical farms in which you can enjoy traditional dances of approximately two hours. You can also go to the Giraffe Center, in Langata, where you will be offered the possibility to go up to some towers from which it is possible to feed the giraffes with your own hands. Exciting, isn’t it?

You can discover the World Wilde Foundation for Nature Animal Orphanage (WWFNAO), also located in Langata. This foundation receives sick or abandoned animals for their recovery and returns them to the natural environment. Here it is also possible to feed them.

The Karen Blixen Museum and the Hills of Kgong are excellent for those who fell in love with Kenya through movies like Memories of Africa. Here you can make a walk along these beautiful hills of volcanic origin. You will get dazzled with their exuberant vegetation and with the crafts of the Masai, which are very attractive and easy to buy. After this beautiful scenery you will find the Karen Blixen Museum.

The National Park of Nairobi is located to only 13 kilometers away from the city and occupies a surface of 114 square kilometers, although it must be pointed out that every year it is more and more pressed by the city’s growth process. The park is perfect to do a safari and to observe the wild life of Kenya. It has no fences and animals go in and out using the Kitengela corridor. This implies that the species that can be watched change according to the season in which the visit is done. It is normally possible to see lions, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, baboons, etc., with the exception of the elephants, the park’s biggest absents.

Finally, listening to the incredible singings of the birds of the region we get to the forest of Ngong Road where you can imagine how the natural environment of this African region was before the arrival of men.