Top 10 Things To Consider For A Safari Vehicle

Hard Top Land Cruiser

Appearance can take anyone by storm; the first thing people who have not driven on rough roads consider is the car appearance. They often forget that the quality of the vehicle is not in its appearance rather how best it is maintained. For this reason we have gone a step further to identify the top 10 things to consider for a safari vehicle. We share with you things in regard to appearance as well as mechanical.

  1. Mechanical

There are mainly four mechanical things to look out for before hiring a safari Vehicle:

  • Car Suspension
  • Snorkel
  • Car Engine
  • Air conditioner

Car Suspension

When we speak of car suspension, we are considering things such as shock absorbers and linkages that connect to the wheels. However you might not be in position to identify which type of suspension has been installed in the car, how long it has been there and a lot more necessary information regarding suspension. It is advisable to ask for a test drive. This can cost you extra bucks but it will save you the hustle of sitting in a car with a poor suspension for the whole trip.

Some cars are raised higher than other cars, but you should never be moved by mere appearance. Suspension is more important than how high the car has been raised. A test drive on a rough road will give you chance to tell how good the car shock absorbers are for purposes of car stability, vehicle carrying capacity, and off-road holding.


Some safari vehicles do not have snorkels. This is so because not all safari vehicles are Land cruisers or the same size as the land cruisers. Safari vehicles vary according to group sizes. For a one person or 2pax safari, you might have to consider a 3 door or 5 door Rav4 for your safari. A skilled driver can drive this car in all terrains. 3pax to 8pax; the land cruisers are recommended. These include; Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser VX, Land cruiser GX, Land cruiser hard top (Standard) or, and Land cruiser extended for a bigger group of 8 pax maximum.

However not all the above Land cruisers have snorkels. But a car with a snorkel warrants you cooler air intake for your engine under varying temperatures, good fuel consumption, and engine longevity. This implies that hiring a safari car that has a snorkel is proof that the car is powerful, and has optimum fuel consumption assurance. Though this may not be true also if the car owner does not take time to service their car in time.

Car Engine

Car engines vary in accordance to fuel consumption and power, however whenever someone tries to explain a car engine, they cannot help but get a beat technical. For this reason I will stick on the things that will be simple for almost everyone to understand.

The 3 door Rav4 and 5 door Rav4 have an engine of 2000cc making it them the best safari cars in terms of fuel consumption. The Land cruiser TX has an engine of 2800cc while the Land cruiser TZ has an engine of 3000cc. The land cruiser VX, GX and Hard top have an engine of 4200cc while the Land cruiser V8 has an engine of 4700cc. This makes the Land cruiser V8 the most expensive to drive among all safari cars because of the size of its Gasoline engine.

You are assured of a smooth voyage in case you consider the cars that have an engine of 4200cc or the 4700cc.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is one of the most important parts of the car more so when you are driving on a dusty road or a sunny day. The quality of the Air conditioner tends to vary from one car to the other. For instance, the Land cruiser TZ has an AC on the dash board as well as in the air vets in the back. This is also true of the Land cruiser Extended though not the case for the other Safari vehicles.

  1. Appearance

There is nothing that can throw you out of balance like a pimped safari car. Below are some the most basic exteriors that should never miss on your safari car:

Bull Bar

A bull bar does not only enhance the appearance of the car but a very important tool to protect the front part of your car in case of an accident.

Safari Pop up Roof

A safari pop up roof is one of the indispensible requirements for any African game drive. It gives you an opportunity to make good use of your binoculars, and camera to still the one in a life time moment with some of the rare African species not limited to Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Buffaloes, Rhinoceros, and countless antelope species among others.

Tow Bar 

Driving off-road comes with a number of challenges. Keeping them at the back of your mind and planning on how to overcome them would save you a lot time. One of these main challenges is breaking down in distant parks such as Serengeti.

A tow bar would save you a great deal to get you to the nearby point where you can get  mechanic help. Though some car hire companies do not permit you to tow another car; you can do it to help someone with the company’s permission.

Off-Road Lights

Game drives are often known as day activities, but in some parks; night game drives are given to enhance visitors’ experience with nocturnal animals like Leopards, Bush babies, Owls and other wild cats among others. To fully enjoy such an experience, sport head lights are an indispensible requirement in giving the best night views during your game drive.

Spare Wheels and Jakes

In most cases when we are starting out for a journey, we leave everything in the hands of the driver. But being curious is an added advantage. Before setting out on your safari enough though you are not the driver; you must make sure your spare wheels are in proper condition. Renting a car in Uganda with a faulty spare wheel can get you stranded for almost half a day in the middle of some African wilderness.

Therefore, before setting out on your safari, make sure the safari vehicle spare wheel are not faulty. The driver might call you picky but it saves you the drama that may feature in your trip.

When jacking for the jakes, check for the first aid kit as well as the fire extinguisher. These two items are rarely used; therefore, they might be in a bad condition if you fail to check them at the moment of hiring a vehicle.

Car Winch

Though only a few cars might have a winch; any company that offers cars with winches is an added advantage. With a winch, you are guaranteed never getting stuck during your safari.