Things to Pack for a Uganda Safari

Safari Packing List

If you are still searching for that remarkable destination to enjoy a trip of a lifetime, then search no more as Uganda is here for you. This amazing destination in the Eastern part of the African continent has plenty to marvel, varying from the rich wildlife, stunning beach shorelines flanked by turquoise waters, breath-taking water sports, rich culture, welcoming locals to incredible historical sites.

A number of travelers visit Uganda for a remarkable safari experience. If this is one of the things you are also considering doing, here is a highlight on how to pack and things to include in your suit case for a successful wildlife safari in Uganda.

How to pack; For successful traveling, it is recommended for any traveler to pack light and leave some space in your suit case for other things you might buy as souvenirs while on your trip. Include those which are necessary and leave out those which are not necessary as they just increase the weight of the luggage.

Things to pack.

Below are some of the essential things you must pack when heading for an incredible Safari of a life time in Uganda, a prodigious destination in Eastern Africa.

Travel documents; these are the first things you should first think about when packing or before transferring to the airport for your flight to Africa.

The travel documents help with your entry into the country. These documents include; a valid passport, tourist Visa and valid yellow fever vaccination card.

Back up medication; before you board, you should visit a medical doctor or nearby hospital for a checkup and are clear bill of healthy before your travel to Africa.

Request a check up to know your health status and recommendation on the herbs you should travel with. This medicine helps in case you are affected by a disease during your Safari.

Enough pocket money; travel with some money, either in cash or on a card. Once you reach exchange some of the money into local currency before you leave major towns or if you traveled with a Card, withdraw some money from the ATM’ but remember there is limit on withdraw.

Travel money usually support in buying some needs that are not included in the Safari provisions, tipping to good service providers, donation and more.

First Aid Kit; This package often include meds that can be used in case of an emergency. These kits are usually provided by Safari operators or you travel with your own kit.

Snacks; Pack some of your favorite snacks that you cannot do anyway with from your home country but remember that lodges and safari vehicles provide some snacks for the road or for the evenings while you sip a beer or a glass of wine. Snacks are a must have for all those traveling with Escape To Africa.

Enough clothes; Always carry enough comfortable clothes depending on the weather and the number of days to spend while on a safari in Uganda. Remember to always include long sleeved shirts and trouser, vests, pants and T-shirts.

Protective gears; If you are to engage in strenuous activities such as Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee, Golden monkey tracking, Mountain hiking and more. You must pack protective wearing gears inform of strong hiking shoes, sunglasses, safari huts / baseball caps, water proof rack sack and jackets.

Leisure time devices; these devices include a mobile phone, a camera, tablets to keep you in touch with your loved ones back home.

A Camera of good quality; Choose a high quality camera to capture an abundant of wildlife, primates and scenic views. Remember to pack extra storage cards, lenses and charging plugs.