Tips To Help You Prepare For The Next Safari


It has been a while you didn’t step into the wild and with the world still faced with the realities of coronavirus (COVID-19), the idea of travel to others is nearly lost while other enthusiastic travelers still have hope. But how ready or prepared are you for your next African safari? Here is the good news! Most African countries have put in place a number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and also relaxed most of the travel restrictions, creating hope in the tourism sector that we can travel again, we can get back to the wild now.

We understand planning an extended African safari is exciting but stressful as you have to put everything together. But this article is rich with essential information, tips to prepare yourself for the next safari in Africa.

Get a valid passport and visa

Whether you plan to travel to which part of Africa, a valid passport and visa are a must-have travel documents. Have about 2 blank pages in your passport to create space for stamps and your passport should at least expire not less than 6 months after your last date of travel. Note, your passport serves best as your major identity and therefore, make sure it is well kept and valid.

Before you consider traveling to any country in Africa, find out if you need a visa/passport and you actually cross check with US Department of State’s website or embassy of back in your home country. There is so much to learn ranging from crimes, safety tips, dos and don’ts and many more.

Take note of health precautions

Traveling to Africa to others can be scary depending on what they heard from their colleagues or read about Africa. But the reality is, Africa is a safer place to spend a holiday. Yes, like any continent, there is possibility of exposure to new health risks and there is nothing with no solution. Prior your actual travel, ensure you get in touch with your doctor about 2 months earlier. He or she should be in position to keep you up-to-date with medications, vaccination and any relevant information you need prior traveling to Africa for a holiday.

Rent a car

There is no exciting and better way to enjoy African safari than traveling in a 4×4 car rental. When it comes to African safaris, we you have sorted that is not something to worry. There are several African 4×4 car rental services are available for visitors on safari in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Niger, Gabon and many others. You can choose from 4×4 Land Cruiser, SUVs, Mini buses, Super Customs, armored car leasing services and a lot more.

Take note of the prices

No matter the destination you plan to visit, prices vary in everything. Before you take a flight, ensure you are certain about the prices so as not to be taken by surprise. Have time to research on rates offered by different tour companies/agencies and find out which one has good prices with the best offers.

Try to learn a language

When you get to a new destination, communication usually becomes challenging. But here is one way to go about it, you don’t need to know everything just learn some words to help you interact with local residents.

Make your budget

One way you can prepare yourself for the next safari is preparing your budget. Planning a trip to Africa or any destination is tedious because there is a lot to put together. Try to track your bills and spending to help you determine how you can best save for your future trip.

Refresh your skills

Organization is very key when planning or preparing for African safari. When planning for African safari, you need what items to pack for long tour or short safari, how to make amazing travel videos to mention but a few.